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**Instructions for creating an editable LibreOffice or Word document:

  1. FILL: Fill in form and select odt as Output Type
  2. GENERATE: Click Generate Lease -- an HTML rendering will appear
  3. SELECT ALL: Hit Ctrl =>a to select all text
  4. COPY: Right click and copy (or Ctrl=>c)
  5. OPEN APPLICATION: Open LibreOffice Writter or Microsoft Office Word to a blank page
  6. PASTE: Right click and Paste (or left click anywhere on page and hit Ctrl=>v)
    • For Libre choose Paste (not Paste Special) -- same as Cntl->v
    • For Word choose "Merge Formatting" (not source formatting) -- same as Cntl->v
  7. EDIT: Now you can edit within the document editor as you like